Welcome to Holy Cross Parish!


We invite you to Worship, Grow and Serve with us!

There is a place for everyone at Holy Cross. If you have questions about the church or any of our ministries, please feel free to stop at our Welcome Desk on Sundays or call our Parish Office, 770-939-3501.

Letter from Our Priests:

Good People of Holy Cross,
May the Lord give you pealce! We Franciscan Friars are here! How wonderful that the Holy Cross parish family just finished a year of Jubilee, celebrating 50 years as a special and holy place in Tucker, GA, where God reigns! Your varied history of being served by diocesan and Dominican priests now include us Franciscans, (buckle your seatbelts, for we are in for a joyful and Spirit led ride!) and we are so happy to be the first friars to walk with you on your spiritual journeys.
In Francis of Assisi’s “Canticle of Creation” this little poor man recognized the sacredness of all Creation; the intimate relationship and interdependence within nature’s created order. Francis was a family man, and called the moon, Sister Moon; the wind, Brother Wind; the sun, Brother Sun; the water, Sister Water; the chipmunk, Brother Chipmunk. Franciscans believe that everyone and everything is a gift from a good and loving God; we see vestiges of God in all creation, and a seamless union of one loving family ~ all Brothers and Sisters. A Franciscan heart is known for an ” attitude of gratitude” and their joyful nature, and also for being fully involved in the integrity of creation, justice and peace, in their parishes and beyond. We aim to be peace-makers (although sometimes our aim is way, way off!) and peace-givers, promoting a spirit of “ours” not “mine.” Saint Francis’ joyful greeting to all was: “May the Lord give you peace”.
So, good people of Holy Cross, we throw our hearts around you calling you our “Sisters” and “Brothers” and ask that the Lord give you peace. Know that you are in our poor prayers each and every day, and we would appreciate yours! We look forward to our time together and sharing the joy of being a member of the Holy Cross Family.
Your Brothers,
Fr. Joseph, Fr. Abelardo and Fr. Jude Michael OFM Conv.

Upcoming Events:

Holy Day Schedule

Tuesday/Thursday Adult Faith Formation classes 

November 27 - Thanksgiving Day Mass, 10 am

December 4 – Peachtree Symphonic Symphony 8 pm

December 6 – 5th Annual Bob Buecher Blood Drive 8:00 – 2:00

December 6 & 7 – Military Support Collection

December 7 - Women’s Club Advent Reflection with Fr. Jude Michael Krill.

Dec 7, 14, 21 - Faith Matters classes from 10:20 – 11:20 –  First Noel

Dec 20 – Children’s Musical