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Letter from Our Pastor:

Good People of Holy Cross,

Pope Francis, recently preached about: fear and hope, scarcity and abundance. He said: “Jerusalem was afraid to be visited by the Lord… The city felt safe in the knowledge of what it could handle. We all feel safe in the things that we can handle … but the visit of the Lord, its surprises…when God visits His people, He brings joy, He leads us to conversion.”  So very true! Remember Adam’s response to God when asked: “Where are you, Adam?”  Adam is afraid.
It is so dominating, this fear. It dominates Adam such that he hides himself from the one who pushed air into his clay body.  Adam’s fear is so dominating that he cannot even respond to God’s question; all he can do is make an excuse, and blame another.  We have all lived inside the fear that leads Adam into hiding. We know what it is to be afraid that there will not be enough, that we will not be enough, that, in the end, there will not be enough for anyone and scarcity will rule the day. It’s this that lies at the root of our fears, I think: scarcity, insufficiency. Fear is not a one-time thing, it’s a human habit, a pattern of behavior we make our own, a logic of scarcity that colors our thinking.
Then there is Mary greatly troubled at Gabriel’s greeting, she does not hide but waits. It’s not that she wasn’t afraid. It’s that she didn’t hide herself in her fear. It’s then that she hears: “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God.” This is the moment, I think, the moment that lead to millions of Hail Mary’s tumbling off of millions of praying lips. It’s the moment while she is still greatly troubled but has been asked not to fear where it all hangs in the balance. God became Jesus, joined with us as Emmanuel, because Mary was willing to believe that there would be enough. Not because she didn’t feel afraid, but because she refused to be lead by her fears!

A fine FIESTA celebrating Our Lady of Guadalupe happened this week, thanks to Fr. Aberlardo, David Hernandez, Gustavo Hernandez, Sara España and crew of super generous parishioners who put together, practiced and planned a beautiful tribute to Our Lady.  Hundreds gathered in procession on the vigil, many of our young people shared dance, song and prayer, and on the feast, a Holy Mass with angelic choirs, roses and flowers galore, a spiffed up Tilma of OLG, thanks to Juanita Rodriguez, that now adorns our Church. May Our Lady guide us through these final days of Advent waiting with her heavenly love.       Fr. Jude Michael

Upcoming Events:

Holy Day Schedule

Dec 14, 21 - Faith Matters classes from 10:20 – 11:20 –  First Noel

December 16 – Advent Penance Service

Dec 20 – Children’s Musical

Dec 21 – Knight of Columbus Breakfast after 7:30 and 9:00 Masses

Dec 21 – Bake Sale sponsored by HIV & AIDS Ministry