From our pastor’s desk 9/23/2021

Good People of Holy Cross,

Peace and good!

This week we learned that 2000 persons a day have died of Covid, and here in Atlanta, only 10% of ICU beds are available. These trying times continue to bring pain and suffering to so many. I know we are praying for an end to this pandemic and implore you to continue those prayers

The friars are concerned about your spiritual as well as your physical well-being. Therefore, we have decided to return to observing some Covid protocols straight away. The following things will ensure that our time at Holy Mass will be shorter as we know that the virus’ airborne ways need to be avoided.

We encourage all to wear masks.

We expect, without exception, those not fully vaccinated to always wear a mask.

The far-right set of pews will be socially distant with folks in every other pew. When coming to receive Jesus, the Eucharistic minister will stand in the far aisle, and we ask you to receive in your hand, then turn towards the windows to make you return to your pew. It works best when the last row begins. I am asking the ushers to take note of this, please.

The priest and altar servers will be seated in the sanctuary at the beginning of mass; there will be no entrance procession or recession. The reader is to be in the sanctuary for the greeting and the two readings. You will no longer be reading the petitions as the celebrant will assume that task.

We need 9 ushers at every mass to help with the collection. Please volunteer when you arrive. 4 will take up the first collection, and immediately following them if there is a second collection, another 4 will take up that collection.

The remaining usher will go to the narthex both times. We have plenty of baskets, and we need to cut down on the time it is taking. If you see another usher behind and are finished with your area, simply go to that ushers’ area and assist. We can make this go much smoother and faster if people help! Please!

Music ministry will sing only one verse of the opening and closing song. We will not sing but say the Gloria. The psalm will be shortened and sung by the cantor in the music area, not the ambo. We will sing the mass parts. Sing if you wish, but we are not encouraging congregational singing.

We will no longer offer the sign of peace.

I appreciate your cooperation and we will evaluate these changes in a month. Your suggestions are always welcome and we continue to be vigilant about this situation.

It’s time I make the announcement of my good news. I have accepted a new position and a new direction in life. I am very excited about this opportunity.

I have accepted my offer letter as head of The Old MacDonald’s Farm.

I’m the new CIEIO.

🤣. Fr. Jude Michael