From Our Pastor’s Desk- June 3, 2020

Good People of Holy Cross,

Peace and many blessings of the same to you, to our beautiful city and to our nation.  Clearly we all have a lot to pray about these days, that God opens our ears and hearts to the “cry of the poor” ~ in this case, the members of our family of many colors who feel like a knee has straddled them and they can’t breathe.

Some decisions I would like to share about this coming weekend, June 6th and 7thAll Masses will be in the church.  There will be a 5:00 PM mass in English and a 7PM in Spanish on Saturday.  Sunday masses will be 9AM and 11AM in English and 1PM in Spanish.  Upon arrival, you will be greeted and escorted to an open seat.  Please follow the Covid ushers’ directions as well as the signage on the floor for directional travel.  Arrows will guide you and colored tape will be spaced 6 feet apart for your approach to receive Our Lord.  The Sunday obligation to attend Mass has been lifted for the month of June.  Know that we can only seat so many people safely, and I suggest you arrive 15 minutes earlier than usual.  There is to be no touching, congregating at any time and you will not be admitted without a mask.  I know many of you have a “spot” and ask in your charity to let that go for the time being.  There is a possibility that if we cannot accommodate you, you cannot enter the church.  Remember, there are weekday morning masses at 9:15 AM and a Spanish Mass on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7 PM.  I am asking our Spanish speaking people to try to balance weekend attendance; we need folks to come to the 7 PM Vigil to make room at the 1:00 PM mass on Sunday that was quite full last week.

We need help to make this happen and I am asking Eileen Annadappa to set up a sign up to be a Covid trained usher.  We will need 12 at every mass.  Also, the sign up for Lector/Reader and EM will return.  If the priest is alone, we will need 4-6 EM’s pending on the crowd.  Four will remain in church, the other 2 will go to the narthex.  Please arrive one half hour before the scheduled mass to go over procedures.  The rest rooms will be closed, and can only be used in an emergency. Our weekly Bulletin will return on June 13th ~ please submit any news you would like to share by this weekend.

It was such a joy to welcome you last weekend, and we are looking forward to doing so again!  An elderly couple were traveling and stopped at a Cracker Barrel  for lunch.  Of course, they were social distancing!  They finished a sumptuous lunch and it was not until they were back on the highway that the old woman realized she had left her glasses behind at the restaurant.  They had to continue on the highway for quite some time before they were able to turn around.  The old man grumbled and complained all the way back to the restaurant.  When they finally arrived, as the old woman got out of the car to retrieve her glasses, the old man said: “while you’re in there, you may as well get my hat, too!”

Blessings on you day!

Fr. Jude Michael

 Blood Drive

The Red Cross has changed their procedures in order to assure safety for donors, volunteers, and their Red Cross workers. We will now hold two smaller drives (smaller in the number of donors, not in the hours). Our drives will be on Friday, June 12, from 12:00 – 6:00, and on Saturday, June 13, from 8:00 am – 2:00 pm. Our goal on each drive will be to collect 60 units.
All donors must sign up online and must come at the time they are signed up for. There will be no walk-ins allowed. All donors and volunteers will have their temperature taken upon their arrival and must wear gloves and masks. The Red Cross will provide these if you do not have them. No one with a temperature of over 99.5 will be admitted.