From Our Pastor’s Desk 12/3/20

Good Advent People of Holy Cross,

     We, the friars, are praying that these holy days of Advent find you preparing to make room in your hearts to celebrate God’s gift of Jesus at Christmas.  A wonderful way to make room is to get rid of the junk sin causes and celebrate the sacrament of Reconciliation.  We are not permitted to have a communal Penance service and offer you these opportunities.

     Beginning this Saturday, confessions will be heard in church.  There will be no “drive through” confessions because of the weather.  We are not permitted to use the confessional, so three (3) priests will be available from 10 AM till finished the next three Saturdays. Please be mindful of where the priests are and stay far enough away to give people privacy. On Thursday evening, in our church, December 10th, at 7PM, there will be 6 priests who will celebrate this sacrament in ENGLISH only.  On Thursday December 17th, at 7PM, there will be 6 priests who will celebrate this sacrament in SPANISH only.  As always, if none of these times work, simply call us and make an appointment, we are happy to oblige.

      I know things are different, and you are worried about your expenses and are being bombarded with requests.  Our Advent Giving Tree has become an Advent Giving, minus the tree to choose from and the wrapping of gifts making a huge mountain in our baptistry.  If you can and God has blessed your financial situation, we are asking for gift cards in whatever domination you wish, and as many as you can.  We ask that place the card with or without an envelope and: a) if you are coming in person place in offering basket on your way out;  b) if you are using online giving, there is a place for you to help and we will purchase the gift cards; or c) mail them or come in person during the week to drop it off.  It will help if your envelope is marked ADVENT GIVING.  Thank you for making this Christmas special for someone in need.

     Finally, if you are planning for Christmas, on Christmas Eve we will offer 2 masses simultaneously (if needed) in church and in our social hall beginning at 2PM.  Our Archbishop has given us permission to begin earlier this year.  Christmas eve mass schedule will be:  2PM   4PM   6PM    8PM in Spanish and 10 PM.  On Christmas Day, 10 AM in English and Noon in Spanish.

     In other news…The World Health Organization announced that dogs cannot contract COVID-19. Dogs previously held in quarantine can now be released. To be clear, WHO let the dogs out ♫♫♫

   Fr. Jmk