From Our Pastor’s Desk 9/14/20

Dear Good People of Holy Cross,

When the pandemic hit, everything was turned upside down. We thought you might be wondering whatever happened to RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) in the face of the pandemic. As you know RCIA usually starts in September, peaks at the Easter Vigil and wraps up around Pentecost. But, everything came to a screeching halt around mid-March. We didn’t even have an Easter Vigil celebration in our church this year! Here’s what happened.

First of all, Archbishop Hartmayer dispensed those preparing for the Easter Sacraments from many of the preparatory steps. This greatly reduced the need to come together on multiple occasions. The Archbishop also permitted pastors to exercise discretion in scheduling the various celebrations. Since large and well-attended gatherings became taboo with the coronavirus – and there were many participants in RCIA this year – we broke ourselves up into manageable units. This permitted us to conduct celebrations that both complied with regulations and still allowed a limited number of invited guests.

The single bi-lingual celebration of the Easter Vigil in which the sacraments of initiation are received took on a new look. The English-speaking group had three ceremonies: Reception into Full Communion of the Catholic Church on Saturday July 25, Rite of Initiation on Saturday August 15 and Confirmation on Sunday August 30. RICA (Rite of Initiation for Spanish speaking Adults) on a single celebration for Baptism on August 1, and then the reception of Confirmation and First Eucharist on August 8.

We want to Congratulate all those who received the “Easter” Sacraments this year:

Jordi Cordova     Edduin Hernandez   Esteban Cruz

Tina Walker     Feliciana Lopez     Maria Dolores Rojas

Johnny Nguyen     Vicente Magzul     Jesus Sarmiento Urbina

Andrew Lu     Ramon Martinez     Maria Damiana Campos

Rebekah Morris    Nancy Escalante     Jaime Hernandez

Katie Quintana      Sara Paredes     Yanci Orellana

Hugh White     Margarito Jimenez     Luis Alberto Vargas

Brian Ray     Aidee Perez     Rafael Soto     German Vasquez

Cindy Lopez   Jennifer Lopez   Reymundo Lopez     Mark Lopez

Speaking of RCIA: Sessions have begun, but only begun. It is not too late to admit newcomers. Perhaps, there is someone in your family or extended family whom you know who has expressed an interest in the Catholic faith. Perhaps, it is a neighbor or an acquaintance at work. Perhaps, they need a bit of a nudge. Evangelize! Call the Parish Office, visit the website or click: (English registration link) or (Spanish registration link)