Holy Cross Troop Support Ministry Collection – First Sunday of Month

The Troop Support Ministry has sent over 2850 boxes since October 2008.  Thank you to everyonefor their monetary donations, they help us purchase needed items as well as postage.  When we started this ministry back in October 2008 we were paying about $10.50 for a flat rate box. The cost has gone up to $16.75. A special thanks to all the dedicated volunteers who come and pack boxes. Lastly, we’d like to thank the USO and their contribution of personal hygiene packets. Thanks to this donation we are able to get other needed items. Your enthusiasm is catching and we really appreciate the support.  Our collection is on the first weekend of the month.

Monetary donations are welcome to pay for postage and to purchase other needed items. If you have names and addresses of family or friends who are deployed, please send them to eacamarata@bellsouth.net or spidelr@aol.com.

To see the list of needed items:  Holy_Cross_Troop_Collection_Items_and_Dates_2017