Volunteer Opportunity – Catholic Charities Atlanta

cca1 downloadThe CCA (Catholic Charities Atlanta) office of Refugee Resettlement Services helps refugee families from all over the world to rebuild their lives here in the Atlanta area. Resettlement services include finding and furnishing a home for the new arrivals, enrolling children in school, helping adults find employment, and so much more.  Within their first six months, most refugees have become completely self-sufficient. To help with this process, we are looking for new volunteers to become Family Friends.
Family Friends are volunteers who provide friendly encouragement to a family of refugees as they become familiar with life in the U.S. They support newly-arrived refugees by helping them learn and adapt to American culture and become familiar with the local community. They will also help refugees with basic life skills such as managing household affairs, going through their mail, and practicing English and language skills, as well as other related activities according to need and interest. Family friends must commit to a minimum of 2 hours per week for 4 months and will meet with refugees based on their individual schedules.

If you are interested, please contact Anne Sodipo at 404.920.7742 or asodipo@catholiccharitiesatlanta.org.