Sunday Bulletin

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Guidelines for Submitting Bulletin Announcements:

Please help us get pertinent information out to our community by respecting the following guidelines: 

SUBMISSION: Please submit your announcement by email to You may also stop by the parish office during business hours. The editor will translate pertinent non-bilingual submissions.

FORMAT: We recommend using the following example to format your announcement:

who, what, when, where, a brief description, and a contact person with phone number and/or email.

DEADLINE: Bulletin content must be received in the parish office no later than Monday at 9:00 am two weeks prior to publication.

INCLUSION: All requests are reviewed prior to publication. The Pastor reserves the right to not publish announcements as he sees fit. Once approved, the editor reserves the right to edit the diction and length of your announcement.

CONTENT: Only announcements that target the entire parish family will be included. Information about internal meetings should be disseminated by email or phone calls.

CONTACT: Please include your contact information in the announcement. Do not direct people to call the church office for more information about your event.

INSERTS: We will only include inserts if publication in the bulletin is not possible and then only for events that need special emphasis as per our Pastor.

DURATION: Announcements will run no longer than three weeks before your event.

ADVERTISEMENT: Contact our marketing specialist, Sheena Lebron at for more information on setting up advertising sponsorships for the bulletin. Please consider advertising in the bulletin and recommending such an ad to businesses you patronize that would benefit from presenting their goods and services to our congregation. Advertisements can be for a business or family, or a sponsorship ad can be purchased supporting community service organizations like the battered women’s shelter, etc.

We need and appreciate your help.