Parish Registration

Are You a Registered Member of Holy Cross?

Maybe you have just moved into our community or you have been attending Holy Cross and just never thought about registering. Forms may be found in our Welcome Desk and the parish office. You may take it home to complete and return it to the office, mail it, or place it in the offertory basket next time you attend Mass. You may also complete the form below. You may leave pages blank according to the number of family members. Please submit the completed form.

Reasons why being a registered parishioner is beneficial:

  1. Allows you to register your children for religious education;
  2. Allows you to receive certification to be a Baptism or Confirmation Sponsor;
  3. Makes available visits and the Eucharist if you are ill and confined to home or the hospital.
  4. Makes available a record of your contributions for income tax purposes;

Complete this form and return it to the Parish Office.
Or complete the below form to become a member of our parish family today.

Should you have any questions, you may contact the parish office at 770-939-3501.