From Our Pastor Desk

Good Quarantined People of Holy Cross,

A man says to his doctor: “I have a hearing problem.” “What are the symptoms? The doctor asks? Just a few things: First, NO DRIVE THRU CONFESSIONS this week as we celebrate Independence Day with a special mass at 10AM. The 2 vigil masses that evening at 5 and 7 PM will be celebrated as usual. We welcome all to our church and thank you for following the covid trained ushers’ directions.

On Thursday of next week, the K of C are hosting an Evening of Prayer with a theme of loving neighbors and ending racism. Prayer is such a comfort and strong gift and we invite you to put this evening on your calendar and join us for prayer, reflection, Scripture and Benediction. All covid 19 precautions will be in effect, social distancing, and masks. I encourage you to attend and allow Our Lord to bless our hurting hearts for our city, country and world and teach us His ways.

A look at our new pews for those who have not been able to come to church. In the future, they will have the opportunity to make a donation and have a memorial pew in honor of a loved one.

So, the man with the hearing issue says: “A yellow cartoon family, but what’s that go to do with anything???” Enjoy the fireworks!

Fr. Jude Michael