Blood Donation Ministry

Upcoming Summer Blood Drive, June 23, 2018

Dear Friends,

On Saturday, June 23, Holy Cross Catholic Church will hold its annual Summer Blood Drive. Over the years, no group of people has been more committed to the cause of saving lives, by donating blood, than you.

The Holy Cross blood drives are among the most successful in the nation. The reason for that – YOU! Two weeks ago I received a notice from the American Red Cross, informing me that blood donations, across the country, are down significantly. That makes it more important than ever, for all of us to donate. For every unit of blood donated, three lives are saved. Each of us knows an individual battling cancer, someone in the military, or someone preparing for surgery. This blood could be for them!

Please register online at – sponsor code holycrosscc. Individually and collectively, we can make a difference. I hope to see you on June 23 from 8am-2pm. God bless you.

-Mark Kelly




Blood Donation Ministry: The goal and purpose of the Holy Cross Blood Donation Ministry is to save lives through the organization and running of American Red Cross blood drives. We have two blood drives a year at Holy Cross, the “Bob Buechner Blood Drive” in December and the “Knights of Columbus Blood Drive” in June. We need people to give and we need lots of people to help in the organization and running of the drives.

Contact: Mark Kelly,770-934-2025,