The Sacrament of Matrimony represents the union of Christ with the Church. This union gives the spouses the grace to love one another as Christ loves his Church. The grace of the sacrament perfects the human love of the spouses, reaffirms their indissoluble unity and sanctifies them in the path of eternal life.

Celebrating the Sacrament of Matrimony at HC

All weddings are scheduled on Saturday at 11am and 2pm. The church will be available for decorating one hour before the ceremony. Rehearsals take place on the evening prior to the wedding day at 5pm or 6pm.


Pre-requisite: Either the bride or groom must be a registered and active parishioner for at least three months prior to reserving a wedding date.


Steps to Follow:

  1. Schedule an appointment with a priest at least six months prior to the wedding.
  2. Provide the following documents:
  • If Catholic, a recent copy of your baptismal certificate (issued no more than six months prior) including First Communion and Confirmation dates.
  • If not Catholic, but baptized in another religion, please obtain a copy of your baptism certificate.
  1. Once the priest has authorized the wedding, you can reserve the date in the parish office. Reservations are accepted with a non-refundable deposit of $200.
  2. Obtain a Marriage License. You can apply for a license up to 60 days before your wedding date. We must receive your marriage license in the church office 2 weeks before your wedding date. After the ceremony, certified copies of the license can be obtained only from the county office from which the license was issued.
  3. Participate in one of the following premarital prep programs: Joy-Filled Marriage Program, Online Marriage Prep. The priest handling your marriage will be able to assist you in selecting a program.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not schedule the official date and time of your wedding until you have gotten the approval of the pastor. Any issues that arise from you booking the Church without the pastor’s approval will be the sole responsibility of the parishioner / non-parishioner who made the reservation.


For active members of the parish:

  • $600 (church, altar server, coordinator)
  • $250 Music (minimum- actual fee determined by Music Director)

Personal Preparation

The most important aspect of your preparation is spiritual—your willingness to unite before God in the Sacrament of Matrimony. It is important that each of you have a strong and active relationship with God and that this leads to an active participation in the life of your church. We emphasize the importance for Catholics to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation before the wedding.